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News from 20.02.2023

Good day Dear guests of our server. We want to inform you that work on the server is in full swing, work is gradually being done in several directions at once, now we want to invite everyone to a closed beta test, for this you need to send a request to us on the discord: Plutu$#4096 .
Everyone who will be really active and will help in this difficult task, we will make bonuses at the opening of the server.
I wish you a good time.

2023-02-20 10:05

Introduction and introduction. News from 25.01.2023

Hello everyone, let's get acquainted. We are a new project of an exciting game MooOnline, our Guild has existed since 2005, after many thoughts over the years we have been looking for options on how to make our own server, but nothing came of it, we could not find normal files, then allocate funding, it’s even corny there was enough time, and now, after 18 years, we decided, decided to make a project, but at a very difficult time for our country Ukraine, unfortunately we have a war, but this will not stop us from making a server that will be interesting for all ages, from children to adult men!

The server will be 3 seasons, very close to the original with additions, we called it Season 3 Maximum, why maximum? And because we will try to squeeze everything out of season 3 and provide you with a great pleasure from the game, since we ourselves are players and we know a lot of nuances and desires, it will be easier for us to implement all this into the game.

On our server there will be no discrimination by nationality, we will try to eradicate all this from the game, why do you ask? And in order to show the whole world that even in such difficult times our people are civilized and democratic!

Soon we will inform you about the recruitment of people for the closed beta test, after which we will have an open beta test, and only then we will announce the opening of the server.

Good mood to you all. Sincerely, Evgeny

2023-01-25 21:22

Thea x15
Server Stats
  • Server Season S3 Maximum
  • Points Per Level 5/7
  • Max Stats 32767
  • Server Exp 15x
  • Server Drop 25%
Top Players
Name Lvl RR GR
1 KEHT 400 2 8
2 SUMM 400 1001 5
3 Testeee 327 10 5
4 LouisMK 374 0 4
5 KmmR 300 850 2
Top Guilds
Name Logo Score Master
1 Admin 0 Eredas
2 NoOne 0 madrun
3 Teste2 0 LouisMK
4 Teste3 0 LuisADM
5 Teste5 0 MGTeste
Event Timer
Blood Castle
Start In 01h 23m 22s
Devil Square
Start In 53m 22s
Illusion Temple
Start In 10h 13m 22s
Chaos Castle
Start In 01h 53m 22s
Castle Deep
Start In 08h 53m 22s
Happy Hour
Start In 09h 53m 22s
Start In 1d 11h 53m 22s
Skeleton King
Start In 03h 43m 22s
Red Dragon
Start In 03m 22s
White Wizard
Start In 01h 39m 22s
Pouch of Blessing
Start In 40m 22s
Lunar Rabbit
Start In 01h 40m 22s
Fire Flame Ghost
Start In 02h 40m 22s
Start In 12h 08m 22s
Golden Invasion
Start In 05m 22s
Great Golden Dragon
Start In 03h 38m 22s
Moss Merchant
Start In 09h 53m 22s
Illusions of Kundun 1
Start In 27m 22s
Illusions of Kundun 2
Start In 27m 22s
Illusions of Kundun 3
Start In 02h 27m 22s
Illusions of Kundun 4
Start In 02h 27m 22s
Illusions of Kundun 5
Start In 08h 27m 22s
Illusions of Kundun 6
Start In 10h 27m 22s
Kundun [Kalima 7]
Start In 11h 23m 22s
Zaikan [Tarkan 2]
Start In 03h 48m 22s
Putin Huylo [Lorencia]
Start In 07h 09m 22s
Golden Dark Knight [Dungeon]
Start In 03h 16m 22s
Golden Devil [LostTower]
Start In 03h 16m 22s
Golden Stone Golem [Aida]
Start In 03h 16m 22s
Golden Rabbit [Tarkan]
Start In 03h 16m 22s
Kill Marauder
Start In 12h 16m 22s
Team vs Team
Start In 10h 23m 22s
Lord Silvester
Start In 13h 43m 22s
Lord of Ferea
Start In 14h 43m 22s