Grand Opening 8TH December

Dear players!

We are pleased to inform you about the opening of the Thea x15 server.
We will show you the world of MuOnline as you have never seen it before!

The opening will take place on December 8 at 20:00 Kyiv time.
More information about the server can be found here.
Promotions and bonuses before the start can be found here.

About Us
We have allocated an advertising budget that will allow us to attract as many real players as possible.
We work without wipes. Any interference in the gameplay is contrary to our team policy.
The server will work until 100% of the players insist on re-opening.
We have brought the gaming platform to a state in which it can function without annoying restarts.
From players to players. We are often asked why we decided to focus on gaming. The answer is obvious.
In the past, we ourselves spent a lot of time in the muonline gaming world, which is why we developed a clear understanding of what the player wants to see and how the server should be presented so that it satisfies the needs of the vast majority of players. We will not limit ourselves to one server. Our most foreseeable plans include the development of an entire gaming complex that will more than satisfy the needs of literally any fan of the muonline game. It is worth noting that this will not affect the technical support and maintenance of the Thea x15 server in general.

Our advantages
A gaming platform of our own development without analogues or competition.
A unique game world thought out to the smallest detail over the course of 2 years.
Large advertising campaigns on all popular advertising platforms, and more.
An experienced and responsive project team will always solve any problems.
Long-term operation of the project due to constant funding.
Complete absence of underground sales of game valuables.
One of the best and largest Data Center in Germany.
An Internet channel with a sufficiently large bandwidth.

What awaits you in the world of Thea x15
Season 3 Exclusive
Exp: x15 [Premium x20];
Drop: 20% [Premium 25%];
Master Exp: x10 [Premium x15];
Master LvL max: 300;
Maximum level: 400;
Maximum number of resets: 50;
Grand reset with: 50 resets;
Maximum number of stats in 1 characteristic: 32767;
Maximum number in a party: 5;
Maximum number of Grand Resets: 50;
Reliable protection against all kinds of cheats and dupes;
It is possible to receive bonuses through voting for the server;
Spots of 6-7 monsters;
Fixed a bug for selling Wings (Zen);
We guarantee stable server operation 24/7/365;
Timely update of the server and website!
High online, players from different countries!
The strongest clans and alliances!
PvP battles 24/7 and intense competition!
Constant server support with advertising!
Stable operation of all project resources!
High-quality assembly and protection from third-party software!
And much more on the Thea x15 server.

2023-11-30 20:53

News for 11/16/2023

Good afternoon, so we have changed the structure of the site, redesigned the design, added Facebook as you asked, and in the future we will add new functions to the site such as selling a character and so on...

During this and early next week we will finish all the work on the site and start working on the server, we plan to remove new things, remove pets (or weaken them), reduce the exp on the master level, and in general make the server even more interesting, we really didn’t like that the server was very easy and people mostly stood only afk and didn’t knock out items or trade them, we’ll remove offline from the game
trade, there is a website for this, it’s safer.

We have also already set a date for opening the server, it is 12/08/2023 at 20:00 Kyiv time.

All the best, follow the news on our discord.

2023-11-16 12:27

News for 28.08.2023

Friends, unfortunately you can’t fix the rise of boxes, that is, if you insert Box text into MuHelper, then all boxes will be selected, you just need to delete this text, this can only be removed by coding, but unfortunately we can’t do this yet.

Unfortunately, we have not yet figured out Blood Castle, we are working on any options, but it is very difficult and we need more time, please be patient, we will definitely fix it.

There is good news, all newcomers to our server will receive nice bonuses:
Premium Max for 5 days;
Panda Ring;
Pet Panda;
Small Wings.

We are glad to meet new clans on our server, each transferring clan is guaranteed bonuses:
If you are a company / permanent group of more than 5 people, you will receive:
1 - Premium account for one of the members of the guild. Premium Max - 5 Days + Wings 2 lvl +11 +L +Ignore

If you are a company / permanent group of more than 10 people, you will receive:
2 - Premium account on two of the members of the guild. Premium Max - 10 Days + Wings 2 lvl +15 +L +Ignore

If you are a company / permanent group of more than 15 people, you will receive:
3 - Premium account on three of the members of the guild. Premium Max - 15 Days + Wings 3 lvl +L +Ignore

We have also increased the number of items in the Smithe.

We try to make the gameplay as high quality as possible, yes there are nuances, but they can be solved, with your help we will make the server even better. Have a nice quiet day everyone.

2023-08-28 08:43

Update and news

Good afternoon, from the opening day to the opening, we worked on the server and tried to make it even better, it would be nice if you reported problems to us, or offered your ideas, we are very grateful that you are with us, let's make the server even better together.

Update for 08/19/2023
- Heart of Dark Lord drop fixed;
- Removed the drop Condor Flame, Golden Box, Silver Box from Lorencia;
- Changed the drop of all Scroll ~ orb as indicated in the info base;
- Changed monster spots globally, increased the number of spots;
- Added drop Ancient items from Kundun;
- Fixed Happy Hour - now in Jewels drop;

Update for 08/22/2023
- Completely updated xp, def, dmg, etc. of all monsters and bosses;
- Increased the duration of buffs, for SMA up to 10 minutes, for the elf up to 15 minutes, bk up to 25 minutes;
- Chaos Goblin was removed from all maps, you can now craft things from the character in the User Menu;
- Changed the Quest system;
- Buff Elf duration increased to level 300 for a normal player, and to level 350 for a premium player;
- Updated the balance partly between characters, and heavily between characters and monsters.

Update for 08/24/2023
- Changed drop from Box of Kundun +5 (update is already available);
- Made the Arena Non-pvp map (will take effect after the server is restarted);
- Added x-shop tickets for Blood Castle, Devil Square, Kalima events, unfortunately only 1 ticket is allowed (update is already available);
- Added a description of the quest system to the site, the description partially does not match, please help the administration in this matter, report if something does not match;
- Fixed Moss Merchant, after the update it will appear in Lawrencia;
- Fixed Noob Buff, now it is up to 5 resets without VIP, and with VIP up to 7 resets;
- Changed the spots in Kanturu Ruin, removed the spot ones;
- Added information to the guides about the forge and the exchange of WCoinC to Credit;
- Added the ability to sell items on the website on the market for WCoinP, Goblin Point, Jewel of Chaos, Bless, Soul, Life, Creation, Harmony;

Most do not know that we have a forge available in the game and you can pick up something for yourself in it, information about the forge can be found in the info base.

More items will be added to the forge in the future.
Many more do not know that you can help the server directly through the administration.

We are also very excited about new players, especially transitioning clans that make competition already in the game, bonuses will be a must.

Congratulations to all on the Independence Day of Ukraine!

2023-08-24 14:29

Thea x15 Grand Opening

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